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The Best eSIM France Providers

By pauline Nov 21, 2023

In the era of digital connectivity, eSIMs have become a game-changer for travelers and locals alike in France. An eSIM (embedded SIM) offers the flexibility and ease of switching carriers or plans without the need for a physical SIM card. This article delves into the top eSIM providers in France, highlighting their unique offerings and suitability for various user needs.

1. Orange: A Globally Recognized Leader

Orange stands out as a leading eSIM provider in France, renowned for its extensive coverage and competitive pricing. Catering to both prepaid and postpaid customers, Orange’s plans range from 500MB to a substantial 50GB. Its strong global presence also makes Orange an ideal choice for international travelers seeking reliable connectivity.

2. SFR: Customization and Speed

SFR distinguishes itself with a focus on customizable plans and cutting-edge technology. Notably, it offers 5G coverage in select areas, appealing to those needing high-speed internet. Beyond data, SFR’s eSIM options include voice and text services, ensuring a comprehensive communication solution.

3. Bouygues Telecom: Flexibility for Families and Individuals

As a prominent telecommunications entity in France, Bouygues Telecom presents a variety of prepaid and postpaid eSIM plans. These plans are tailored to suit diverse needs, ranging from data-centric to inclusive voice and text packages. Additionally, Bouygues Telecom’s family discounts make it a cost-effective choice for households with multiple users.

4. Free Mobile: Affordability Without Contracts

Free Mobile emerges as a strong contender in the eSIM market, especially for those wary of long-term commitments. Offering a spectrum of affordable plans, including unlimited data options, Free Mobile caters to a broad audience. Its expansive coverage across France ensures consistent connectivity for its users.

5. Truphone and Ubigi: Versatile Options for Varied Needs

Both Truphone and Ubigi provide eSIM plans that span across France, each with a range of data allowances and durations. These providers cater to different preferences, whether short-term travel or longer stays.

6. Simtex & Airalo: Ideal for Moderate Data Users

For those whose data needs are moderate, Simtex & Airalo offer eSIMs with up to 3GB of data. These plans are perfect for users who require internet access for basic browsing and communication without the need for extensive data.

7. Keepgo & BNESIM: For the Data-Heavy User

Users with substantial data requirements might find Keepgo & BNESIM more fitting. These providers specialize in plans that offer over 50GB of data, catering to heavy internet users or those who rely on consistent online connectivity for work or entertainment.

8. Holafly: Bridging International Connectivity

Adding to the list is Holafly, an emerging eSIM provider that offers competitive international plans. Holafly is particularly beneficial for travelers coming to France from other countries, providing seamless connectivity without the need for physical SIM swapping. Their plans are tailored to cater to short-term travelers, offering various data packages that ensure uninterrupted internet access during their stay.


Choosing the right eSIM provider in France depends on individual needs, such as data requirements, budget constraints, and the extent of travel (within eSIM Europe or globally). Each provider listed above has unique strengths, making it imperative for users to assess their specific needs before deciding. Whether it’s for a short trip, extended travel, or everyday use, the French eSIM market offers solutions that cater to a wide spectrum of connectivity needs.

By pauline

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